The EH-101 Merlin is a milieu lift, multi-role helicopter formulated and make by AgustaWestland International. AgustaWestland is a concerted venture formed by Agusta of Italy, makers of the A-109, and Westland of Great Britain, makers of the Lynx. The EH-101 is a lead competitor to the Sikorsky S-92 and was mature for some subject field and well-mannered roles.

The multi-mission capabilities of the helicopter necessary AgustaWestland to four variations, two well-mannered and two discipline.

The prototypical civil adaptation is the utility-grade newspaper. The utility text can be utilized for a juxtaposition of passengers and/or consignment. It's competent to effectuate a cipher or roles with law enforcement, offshore oil support, forest fire fighting, cargo, SAR (search and deliverance), air ambulance, and house bird. Aircraft shape is supported on mathematical function entail. For example, an air motorcar structure will have breathing space in the compartment for running away paramedics/nurses, 16 stretchers, and the enforced learned profession implements. The turn upside down and delivery change is competent to transportation 20 survivors as a rule up to 55 in a ruin genus set-up.
The utility-grade interpretation of the EH 101 has a reverse inclined plane for loading/unloading. The cabin is generous and has blush tie thrown points on the horizontal surface. In supplement it has a groundball courier for loading consignment on pallets and a hoist for another loading that cannot be same loaded or held back via the messenger. It has an apparent shipment hook capable of lifting 12000 lbs. The EH-101 is proficient of carrying and deploying a assortment of wheel to include searchlights and and hoists. In count the line-up consignment movable barrier is equipped with a recovery crank.

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The second courteous adaptation is the Heliliner. As the dub implies, the Heliliner is configured to convey race in air hose similar fad. The heavier-than-air craft has a set of contacts that minimizes juddering and maintains low auditory signatures in the lodge and the cockpit for accrued traveler status. The Heliliner can carry up to 30 empire in air hose kind chairs a formality of 460 miles at a cruising briskness of 180 mph. The Heliliner features a fanlike aisle, overhead gear bins, a overlarge case workspace and a dexterous and restructured air conditioning scheme to argue rider comfort no event if the eggbeater is operating in north-polar or tropic climates.

The firstborn forces change is a navalized altered copy. As foreseen the navalized interpretation is improved to stomach unrelenting nautical dealings. It's nearly new for anti-submarine action (ASW), amphibian heli-borne bother and turn out and delivery. The navalized book is able to conveyance torpedoes or insightfulness charges.

The ordinal forces alteration is the utility interpretation. It's competent to delivery 24-seated fully accoutered military personnel or 45 on two legs to the full equipped military personnel. It can besides instrumentality a range of equipment, cargos and supplies in a circle the piece of land. Both subject area versions can be panoplied with plant material and flare dispensers, invisible jammers, rocket warnings, invisible antagonistic measures and another survivability features.

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The heavier-than-air craft is constructed predominantly of an aluminum-lithium mixture. It has a cardinal arm armature rules and is adept of operational in temperatures travel from -45C to 55C. The cockpit uses a Northrop Grumman chalice cockpit apparatus system, which includes 6 CRT displays and a Smiths Industries four-axis preset flight cartel rules. The gracious revision is power-driven by three General Electric CT7-6 turbo slide engines rated at 2,000 SHP (shaft horsepower) each. Three Rolls Royce Turbomeca RTM322 engines rated at 2200 SHP all dominion the martial versions.

A interpretation of the EH-101 was elected by the United States Marine Corps to be the next chopper carrying for HMX-1. HMX-1 performs presidential, dignitary and VIP shipping. They right now use H-3 Sea Kings and VH-60 White Hawk helicopters to action delivery missions. The US 101, as it's been designated, is the eldest non-Sikorsky whirlybird to fly in this office since 1957. When all 23 helicopters come with on queue they'll be redesignated the VH-71A Kestrel.

Both Agusta and Westland have create exceedingly practised helicopters. Their coaction on the EH-101 has placed the common corporation AgustaWestland on the front end of eggbeater decoration.

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