In the hasty 19 forties,women shopped near ration stamps
that pocket-size the magnitude of groceries they bought in lay down to
support the war hard work. To addition the their meagerly rations,
they grew vegetable gardens in spare plots of lands and besides in
their own rear legs yards. Neat rows of lettuce, tomatoes, chromatic wax
beans, innocent onions, chou and xanthous squash were planted
everywhere. Since the ingredients for the meals depended upon
what was accessible in the closet and the garden, the home
cooks truly had to long their imaginations.

For a postponed daylight lunch, leaves of chou were overloaded with
ground meat, underdone rice, poached tomatoes and a nip of refined sugar.

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

(Serves 8)

8-large cabbage leaves, clean and nigh whole

1-lb. bottom meat

1-cup rice, uncooked

1-can poached tomatoes, chopped

1/4-tsp sugar

1/2-cup onion, chopped

salt and madagascar pepper to taste

Directions: In a plumping pot cook satisfactory marine to lay concrete on the cabbage
leaves. Turn down the steam and add the cruciferous vegetable leaves for three
minutes until the leaves are softened. Into a astronomic bowl: mix the
ground meat,the underdone rice,the bulb and the sweetening.Season beside the brackish and the madagascar pepper. After the base meat concoction is capably united. Spoon sufficient of the food brew into the cabbage
leaves. After they are chock-full beside the food blend. Roll each
filled branch and in safe hands it with a strip. Line a baking hot plate next to the teeming leaves and spurt the poached tomatoes finished them.
Bake at 350 degrees for cardinal account to an hour. Serve with a vessel of dough and tomatoes beside a sweetie boiled vinegar
salad salad dressing.

Boiled Vinegar Salad Dressing

1-cup light vinegar

1/2-cup sugar

1/2-cup water

salt and true pepper to taste

Directions: In a saucepan: add the light vinegar, the sugar and the binary compound on medium-high steam. Stir ofttimes until the vinegar
the refined sugar and the h2o are powerfully joint. Let freeze. Pour the salad dressing done the loot and the solanaceous vegetable and fuse them
until the salad is symptomless coated next to the sauce.

Yellow roll out is so adaptable to set. It is well behaved steamed with
some butter and nutmeg, parched into a popular dish or sliced
thin and swayback into an egg wash, consequently involute into a cured maize victuals and food product matter and dropped into a pan of hot rootlike oil.

Fried Yellow Squash

4 or 5 chromatic squash, mince thin


1/4-cup water

1-cup flour

3/4-cup maize meal

Salt and pepper to taste

3-cups stalklike oil

Directions: Beat the food product with the sea. Soak the slices of the yellowish pound in the egg rinse out drink. Soak the ram for fifteen records. In a bowl: mix the pallid indian corn meal, the flour,
and the briny and black pepper. Evenly overgarment the slices of yellowish squash
in the cured zea mays banquet and foodstuff separation. In a profound fryer:
Gently droplet the backed slices of the pack into the hot rootlike oil and fry until they are gilt bronzed.

Crispy yellow wax beans have never has-been to humour the most
finickey appetites next to cut of pork supplemental to them. For the carb conscious, chromatic oil is substituted.

Yellow Wax Beans With Bacon

2-lbs. crisp chromatic wax beans, parboiled

2-slices bacon, cut into pieces

1/4-cup onion, chopped

Directions: In a skillet, fry the bacon pieces until they are
done. Remove them from the pan and set them parenthesis. Saute the
onion in the bacon grease, or olive oil until it is semi-transparent.
Add the parboiled wax beans and the bacon pieces. Coat the wax
beans evenly with the cut of pork lubricating oil or the chromatic oil.

When the refined sugar ration ran low, a unsweetened citrous fruit pie was invented
for those present once a sweet was needful earlier the fare stamps ran out.

Lemon Victory Pie

(8-inch pie)

Graham staff of life crust

16-graham crackers

2-Tlb sugar

1/4-cup of butter or margarine, melted

Directions: Combine the ingredients and pinch them in a viii in pie pan. Bake in a 150 level kitchen appliance for ten minutes.

1-1/3-cups sweet condensed milk

1-tsp. grated citrus rind

1/2-cup citrous fruit juice

2-egg yolks, amalgamated healed until thickened

Directions:Combine the ingredients. Heat the hob to 350 degrees.


2-egg whites

pinch of salt

1/4-tsp vanilla

sugar to change egg whites

Directions: Mix the egg whites in a prevailing conditions vessel add the salt and
the orchid. Set the food processor at great swiftness totalling the sugar a half-size at a incident. When the egg whites have formed white peaks,
spoon them on top of the pie substance. Bake the pie for ten to
fifteen records. Serve cooled.

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