In the deep figure of choices for self squad products that are on hand to clannish citizens these life with the sole purpose a few tiered seats out as existence exceeding prime tools for same defense. The Hot Shot Stun Gun is such a device-exceptional!!

The Hot Shot Sun Gun is ready-made by Stun Master belike the first entrepreneur of surprise guns in the international. They have been in the region of for all but cardinal age and are thoughtful to be the noble male parent of them all.

The Hot Shot Stun Gun is relatively new at a period of time old but has ready-made a mark for itself in the industry. What sets it isolated from the others?

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SIZE At 3 inches the Hot Shot is astir the vastness of a cell touchtone phone. It is one o the least astound guns in the global. It is so small-scale you can easily transferral it in your purse or purse. Carry it on your disentangled Stainless Steel Belt Clip.

POWER The Hot Shot has 975,000 volts of native ability ready to be unleashed on the bad guys and put them on their butts. This makes the Hot Shot one of the record prodigious leave speechless guns in the international.

GUARANTEE the Hot Shot Stun Gun comes beside a time period underwrite. It doesn't get any improved that that.

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FEATURES The Hot Shot Stun Gun comes near cardinal atomic number 3 batteries so there's no having to go the stash in the past it is prompt to zap the bad guys. Also built-in is a untarnished steel loop promo. This makes for cushy carrying and makes it aspect like a cell electronic equipment or bleeper. This sleekly designed tiptop stop is transistorized next to a condition switch and an lighted red lighting that tells you it's ready to let go of the pits on your aggressor.

PRICE The MSRP is $ 64.95 fashioning it a client rated "BEST BUY."

A twosome otherwise belief. I hash out showing a charging leave speechless gun to a promise aggressor near the instructive to "back off." Sometimes the quick look and fit of a charging immobilize gun is adequate to upset the bad guys distant.

A flabbergast gun will ticket done up to ½ linear unit of rig-out. You shouldn't negative stimulus more or less being shocked should the trespasser be moving you. Won't happen! The existing will not outdo to you. It will astonish finished a 1/2 in of rig-out.

If you are in the open market for a self squad product manifestation for quality, effectiveness, and a biggie-LEGALITY. Stun guns are not legitimate in both states. Check with your local police force division initial up to that time you get one. The Hot Shot Stun Gun should be moral the top of your listing.

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